To help you achieve your investment objectives, KVA Asset Management provides asset services that combine brokerage, marketing & leasing, property management, construction and accounting all designed to optimize your investment’s performance. Our professionals have an in-depth understanding of the local business environment, along with the ability to advise our clients of changing markets that could impact an individual property or their portfolio.

We are committed to give each owner, tenant, and property individual attention that will increase the returns to our clients and to maximize the value of their investments. Our Asset Management services include:


It may be necessary for you, in keeping with your own investment objectives, to add or subtract from your investment portfolio at some point in time. KVA Property Management can assist you in the acquisition of new properties or the sale of your current property through the KVA Residential and Commercial Sales Departments. KVA Property Management can offer a large pool of willing, potential investors, which are drawn from our other property owners, tenants, and prospects developed from our sales efforts. This is a major benefit if you find you must quickly dispose of a property for tax purposes. KVA professionals are experts at combining research, financial analysis and market experience into value for our clients. We keep abreast of current market conditions and active investors at all times. This information is used to help you price your property competitively so that it can be marketed to bring the maximum return on your investment or to assist you with additional investments. We can also provide Feasibility and Risk/Benefit analysis on any income property to aid in your investment decision-making. Brokerage Investment Analysis Property and Portfolio Valuations Buyer/Seller Representation Due Diligence


At KVA Property Management we work closely with our clients to develop accounting programs that focus on cost-efficient operations and tenant relations that meet the specific needs of each owner. By delivering these programs at the highest level of responsiveness and economy, KVA has been able to enhance property value over the investment term for its clients. Our accounting procedures provide complete, accurate records to track every income and expense that occurs on your property from day-to-day operations to year-end reporting.

  • Monthly statements provide an itemized record of all transactions.
  • End-of-year statement simplifies the task of tax preparation for you and your accountant.
  • Reporting Assistance on Local, State and Federal Levels.
  • Monthly, Year-to-date and Year-end Reports
  • Payment Processing
  • Distribution of funds

At KVA Property Management we want our client’s real estate strategy to be consistent with their long-range goals. Market intelligence can be crucial in protecting your investment during changing market conditions. When appropriate, we offer consulting and strategic planning services designed to match your long-term goals for an individual property or entire portfolio. Our analysis can include specific, actionable recommendations designed to enhance your investments value and manage risk.

  • Economic/Geographic Studies
  • Property and Portfolio Valuations
  • Project Marketability/Feasibility
  • Acquisition and Disposition
  • Inventory
  • Vacancy
  • Rents
  • Insurance Coverage Analysis
  • Legal/Liabilities Exposure
  • Health Risk & Compliance
  • Local Ordinances
  • Rising Cost Factors

With over 30 years experience, we have a proven record of providing a valued service and building long-term relationships with our clients. We are looking forward to doing the same for you. Call us so that we may promptly arrange a meeting to discuss your property and your specific needs.